Appraisal Etiquette

In order for our appraisal days to run efficiently, there are some guidelines we would like everyone to follow:

The recommended age for your dog to be appraised is 18 months, however dogs of 12 months are accepted.

To be eligible for appraisal a dog must have a Birth Certificate and microchip.

First time Boerboel owners or prospective owners may wish to attend an appraisal/show day before presenting their own dog.

You will get a great understanding of how the day is run and it’s an ideal opportunity to meet other owners and breeders.

Levels of registration include:

  • Studbook Proper Register (full registration)
  • Development Register (Appraisal score of 85% or higher to qualify)
  • Stud Register (85%+ and mandatory health testing with results within specified limits)
  • Pet Register

Appraisers are not given pedigree information when appraising a dog. Their focus and task is to assess the dog in front of them and whether it has the qualities to attain the minimum appraisal score.

All dogs must be booked in prior to appraisal day. No dogs will be accepted on the day without prior booking.

Ensure your dog has had some training before the day. During the appraisal you will be asked to walk and run with your dog. Also practice opening his lips to display his teeth/bite. It’s also good to have your dog used to standing for the appraiser.

Upon arrival please present to the bookings person (without your dog) to receive your participant number/s for appraisal.

You must have control of your dog/s at all times.

Ensure your dog/s is secured safely when unattended.

Ensure your dog/s are in good healthy condition, washed and pest free.

Maintain a safe distance from other dogs and always ask the owner’s permission before approaching their dog/s.

Never approach an unattended dog without permission from it’s owner.

Please keep your dog away from the appraisal ring so the dog being appraised is not distracted.

Please keep up to date with the organiser/steward on the day so you are ready when your number is called.

No food or treats are to be taken into the appraisal ring to be used as an aid to control your dog.

Please ensure your dog has a collar and lead on. Choker chains will be accepted, ensure it is correctly fitted. Ensure your collar is not too wide as this obstructs the view of your dog’s neck. No harnesses or halti’s will be permitted.

Always try to keep your dog between you and the appraiser so not to obstruct the view of your dog.

Pay attention to the appraiser while you are in the ring, they will be asking you to do things with your dog.

When you enter the ring the appraiser will ask for your dog’s name, not the Breeders prefix. Your dog will also be checked for a microchip.

Be sure to look tidy in appearance, no thongs will be permitted in the appraisal ring.