Boerboel Owners Club Australia, Inc.

Code of Ethics, Rules and Recommendations

B.O.C.A requests that all members/breeder members subscribe to the Code of Ethics, Rules & Recommendations as well as promote high standards among breeders and owners in the quest for the preservation, advancement and improvement of the Boerboel breed.

  • Registered Breeders must reside in the Australia.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must support and promote B.O.C.A events.
  • Registered Breeders with B.O.C.A must register all their pups with B.O.C.A. SA Studbook registration document must be completed and sent to database manager at approx. 6-8 weeks of age, payment is due at time of registration and no paperwork shall be released until payment has been made. Pups may be registered in Breeder’s name, if pups are not yet booked, and a transfer of ownership is to then be given to the new owner, which shall in turn be given to the database manager who shall verify and submit the transfer to SA studbook. Payment for registration of each puppy is $20, if outside of 12 weeks of age the cost shall be $30 per puppy. If the puppy is already booked at time of microchipping then the owner’s details must be submitted at time of registration.
  • All pups shall be registered under pet registration with B.O.C.A and S.A. Studbook, any dog requiring an appraisal at future date shall be required to be upgraded by the Breeder. It is the Registered Breeders duty to make sure that they inform all owners of this position and that the owner has agreed and signed that they are aware of this fact. If a Breeder requires open registration then this must be stated at the time of pup’s birth registration.
    B.O.C.A shall not be held responsible for any error made by the Registered Breeder and shall find in favour of the owner in any dispute through Breeder error.
  • Registered Breeders must have their dogs appraised by SA STUDBOOK approved appraisers, members of course may also have their dog/s appraised, puppies evaluated even if they are not breeders.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must pay all fees in a timely manner to B.O.C.A. All breeders/owners shall be notified by e-mail and payment should be made within 4 weeks to the either our bank account or PayPal account with type of membership required.
  • All advertising must also be paid by breeders/stud dog owners within 4 weeks of notification to the same bank account or PayPal account. All breeder/stud dog details shall be removed from the B.O.C.A website if payment is not made within a timely fashion.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must comply with all requirements from the B.O.C.A constitution and ethics to remain registered.
  • All breeding dogs are to be registered in accordance with the requirements of B.O.C.A, before the B.O.C.A breed database manager is able to register all pups/dogs with SA Studbook.
  • As of August 1st 2014, all breeding dogs must have a DNA profile certificate sent to B.O.C.A breed database manager before registration shall be completed on any litter/pup. For possible multiple sires within a litter DNA parentage evidence must accompany the paperwork for each individual pup.
  • Registered Breeders must guarantee genetic health of pups sold. They must replace or refund on specialist vet advice. (It is up to the breeder and owners to keep updates on the puppy’s development)
  • Registered Breeders as a minimum must have their breeding dogs health tested for:
    – BVA or Penn hip/OFA or European equivalent for hips. This is mandatory for all B.O.C.A breeding dogs.
    – BVA/European equivalent for elbows. This is mandatory for all B.O.C.A breeding dogs.
    – DNA with Orivet for 32 of the various different genetic diseases.
  • The tests above are the minimum requirements that must be completed before registration of the pups shall be accepted; this is in addition to a pass at an accepted B.O.C.A event for appraisal. It is understood and accepted that frozen semen may be used from historical dogs that may have not have been health tested or dogs that may have had semen collected prior to June 2015 but that have died before health testing has taken place – this is most usually in the form of dogs outside of Australia.
  • All Registered Breeders must ensure they do not breed to a bitch with vaginal hyperplasia.
  • Registered Breeders may not breed from a dog that is not health tested, is unappraised and/or is underage. B.O.C.A stipulates that no male shall be used for stud unless over the age of 12mths and no bitch shall be bred unless over the age of 18mths at time of mating. Separate rules apply to frozen semen from dogs outside of Australia collected prior to June 2015/frozen semen from historical dogs.
  • Registered Breeders may make use of the fact that video appraisals are acceptable to the committee if the dates of appraisal fall outside the age of the breeding dogs, or if a dog comes into a Breeder’s ownership before an appraisal is scheduled by Studbook for B.O.C.A. A minimum score shall apply and a physical appraisal of the dog concerned must be done at the next B.O.C.A event. Prospective owners must be informed if the dog has been appraised through the video system with a minimum score only available.
  • Registered Breeders must not breed to dogs that are not recognised by the Society/SA Studbook and or are not part of the development register with the Society. In doing so this is in conflict of the compliance of the breed society with SA Studbook.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must ensure that at all times all dogs are properly housed, watered, fed and exercised and will receive Veterinary attention from a qualified person, as and when required.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must provide adequate, dry shelter and warm bedding for any dog/s kept outside the house or premises.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must ensure that the exercise area for such dogs be of sufficient size for the movement of such dog/s and to have the exercise area/s fenced or walled so as to restrict the movement of such dog/s to their property when unsupervised and that the exercise area is kept clean and free from debris or rubbish.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must not allow their dogs to roam at large, must keep their dogs on a lead and under effective control in all public spaces, except those specially designated to allow the dogs free exercise but here the dogs must under control at all times.
  • Registered Breeders/Members dogs will not be involved directly or indirectly in or used for any illegal activity nor shall any member bring B.O.C.A into disrepute.
  • Registered Breeders/Members shall not cross breed the Boerboel.
  • All dogs and pups from all registered breeders/members will bear absolute identification in the form of microchips.
  • Registered Breeders must keep full health certification of all breeding dogs at all times.
  • Registered Breeders must keep accurate records of breeding dogs. Such records include birth notifications, birth certificates, registration certificates, service contracts, breeding records, vaccinations and health certificates or reports.
  • Registered Breeders must agree to any breeding being planned with the objective of improving the standard of the specific bloodline and overall improvement of the breed.
  • Registered Breeders must thoughtfully select the appropriate stud dog and brood bitch with the emphasis being on improved conformation , temperament and overall health while at all times conforming to the B.O.C.A breed standard and the principles of genetics. When planning breedings breeders should adhere to the genetic rules that faults or poor health scores are not doubled up in the mating and should observe that any dog scoring outside of the average is only ever mated to a dog that falls well within the breed average and preferably is from generations of good health scores. Poor scores as a result of trauma are to be certified by the breeders vet and leeway shall be allowed in this case.
  • Registered Breeders will provide the buyer of each puppy with a vaccination card and microchip number paperwork at point of purchase. B.O.C.A/SA Studbook papers to be sent at a later date.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must bring to the attention of the appropriate authority cases of alleged fraud, dishonesty, cruelty or neglect and not commit such offences themselves.
  • Registered Breeders must ensure that when selling or transferring a dog that the necessary signed document/s is provided to the purchaser or transferee and that a copy is kept for their own records. B.O.C.A strongly recommends that an owner surrender form is completed when/if the owner returns their dog to the breeder for re-homing.
  • Registered Breeders must ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from them clearly understand their responsibilities for the care and welfare of such dogs and they, the new owners, have the time and facilities to undertake their obligations as laid down in this Code of Ethics, Rules & Recommendations.
  • Registered Breeders/Members must not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise or mislead any person regarding the performance and/or quality or health of any dog.
  • The rules of SA Studbook require that all B.O.C.A Registered Breeders must agree to random DNA testing of their dogs if so requested by ICAR or B.O.C.A.
  • Members of B.O.C.A must not participate in hate campaigns, must not slander or otherwise malign any other B.O.C.A members or their dogs. Any complaint from a member must be taken to the committee. Behaviour considered unseemly, against B.O.C.A ethics and bringing the society into possible disrepute shall be dealt with on an individual basis. Any person applying to join B.O.C.A/already a member of B.O.C.A must also abide by this code on the social media page of B.O.C.A.
  • Breeder Members of other organisations (outside of SA Studbook Societies) may not hold membership nor committee positions within B.O.C.A.
  • All B.O.C.A members shall benefit from reduced rates at appraisals and for merchandise.
  • Registered Breeders/Member of B.O.C.A must not endorse Non SA Studbook Breeders or litters.

Any registered Breeder/Member who fails to comply with any of the provisions of the Code of Ethics, Rules and Recommendations as detailed above will result in disciplinary action being taken against them with a suspension, possible rescinding of registrations with SA Studbook or even expulsion from both B.O.C.A and SA Studbook.

B.O.C.A reserves the right to revoke a Breeder’s/Members membership to the Society after a majority committee decision for any clear fraud or attempt to deceive the committee by the breeder/member.

By becoming a member of B.O.C.A and making membership payment to our bank account or PayPal, it shall be deemed that you have accepted B.O.C.A’s Code of ethics, rules and recommendations and also the B.O.C.A Constitution and Breed Standard.