Boerboel Owners Club Australia, Inc.


  • We put the Boerboel first.
  • We undertake to put the Boerboel in its rightful place in the international dog world.
  • We undertake to render a world class service.
  • We undertake to render a service at an affordable fee.
  • We undertake to acknowledge and accept certificates of all Boerboels of any association
  • We undertake to accept all Boerboels without any previous recorded history or only partial history into theĀ development register if the relevant Boerboel reaches an appraisal score of 85%, may be subject to DNA parentage profiling.
  • We undertake to share our knowledge of the Boerboel and to conserve and improve the breed.
  • We undertake to establish a breed improvement scheme that entails a mandatory appraisal and health report to ensure all Boerboels that will be accepted in the breed register with B.O.C.A will be of the highest international standard.
  • We undertake to involve all club members from Australia and overseas in all relevant discussions and decisions that affects the future of the breed.
  • We undertake to allow decisions that affect the future of the breed to be voted on by all of our club financial members, majority vote rules as per the constitution.
  • We undertake to never allow pups to be registered from parents that are not health tested and/or not appraised, (Conditions may apply and an initial video appraisal may be allowed with prior permission)
  • We undertake to assist in Boerboel rescue with the various rescue organisations and agree to help with costs/donations/transport where possible.